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Homemade Hazelnut Chocolate

I love chocolate so much! Its such a nice treat to have here and there, and although I thoroughly enjoy my quick chocolate recipe, I wanted something that was a bit more true to store bought chocolate without the dairy, refined sugar and fillers.

I always have cacao butter on hand in the cupboard, it stores well and its a nice thing to have on hand for desserts. I had been playing around with a 'nutella' recipe using hazelnuts and thought why not combine the two to make chocolate? The result? A delicious, dairy and refined sugar free chocolate that ticks ALL the boxes. It's enjoyed by all members of my family (especially my youngest who has to avoid dairy to manage his eczema), and I made a big batch to give away in little jars as gifts over the festive season and they were a HUGE hit!

I hope you enjoy this chocolate recipe as much as I do. xRenee

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Cooking time: 25 mins

Total time: 1 hour 25 mins

Makes: 3-4 trays of chocolates in moulds


  • 1 cup hazelnuts*

  • 200 g cacao butter, roughly chopped

  • 1/8-1/4 tsp salt

  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence

  • 100 g rice malt syrup**

  • 1/4 cup cacao powder


  1. Preheat your oven to 150 degrees Celcius.

  2. Line a baking tray with baking paper (or silicon baking sheet) and spread hazelnuts on top. Bake for 10-15 mins, rolling the hazelnuts around at the halfway point for even roasting. Remove from oven once the skins have become darker brown and started to split.

  3. Allow the hazelnuts to cool, then place in an airtight container and shake vigorously until the majority of the skins have come off. Once the skins have been removed place in a food processor/blender/thermomix and process until smooth, scraping down the sides to ensure its processed evenly. Set aside.

  4. Set up a double boiler (a pot half filled with water with a glass or metal bowl on top) and bring the water to the boil. Add the cacao butter and melt, stirring occasionally with a whisk.

  5. Once the cacao butter has melted add the remaining ingredients (including the hazelnut butter) and whisk over the heat until well combined.

  6. Pour the mixture into chocolate moulds (I place the moulds on a baking tray so they don't spill as I transfer) and place them in the freezer for 1 hour. As you are pouring the chocolate mix, stir regularly as the hazelnut butter tends to sink to the bottom. These chocolate don't melt as quickly as other homemade ones, but are still best kept in the freezer.


*You can use 1/2 cup of store bought hazelnut butter instead

**You can use any other liquid sweetener (honey, maple, coconut nectar etc) or very finely ground coconut sugar. Using rice malt syrup allows this recipe to be fructose friendly.

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Dairy & Refined Sugar Free Quick Chocolate

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I love chocolate! There I said it! Sometimes I get cravings for a little choccie and know that if I buy some sugar filled crap or even the so called 'sugar free' chocolates that are actually delicious, I will feel yuck and totally remorseful about the choice. So I came up with this recipe for quick homemade chocolate. It takes a couple of minutes to prep than you can chuck it in the freezer and be eating it in as little as 15 minutes (if you're happy with something a little fudgy) and up to 30 minutes for 'proper' chocolate.

Because its made with coconut oil, it does need to stay refrigerated or frozen (I actually like keeping mine in the freezer, helps to stop eating it all in one go!). If you don't have chocolate moulds, you can line a small baking tray with baking paper, pour the mix on top and chuck in the freezer. Break it up into chocolate bark.

This recipe is super versatile, you can add frozen berries, dried fruit, crushed nuts and seeds. You can also you the liquid mix to dip chocolates or ice cream blocks into or drizzle over the top of desserts. Enjoy!

-Renee x


  • 3 tbs coconut oil
  • 2 tbs rice malt syrup
  • 1 ½ - 2 tbs cacao (depending on how strong you like your chocolate)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • Optional- 10 nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews etc), roughly crushed


  1. On a low heat, gently melt all the ingredients together, using a whisk to combine.
  2. If you're using nuts, place a small amount in each mould or spread onto the baking paper.
  3. Allow to cool for a minute, whisk again to combine, pour into chocolate moulds * and place immediately in the freezer. These will take 20-30 minutes to completely set, but I also like to eat them after about 10-15 minutes as they have a consistency like fudge.

Once set, the chocolate should be kept in the fridge or freezer.

*I got cheap heart shaped moulds from kmart, and chocolate block moulds from Heavenly Cacao

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