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Introduction to solids workshops at Growing Bones in Yarraville on June 2nd at 11 am and 11th August at 11 am

Are you about to introduce solids to your little one? Or have introduced solids and feel like you’re ‘not getting anywhere’? Confused about baby lead weaning, or whether spoon feeding the way to go?

Then join Lucy and Renee as they explain the various methods, philosophies and nutritional requirements to consider when introducing solids to your baby. Troubleshooting advice also included! All carers welcome.

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Preparing for Pregnancy workshop at growing bones in yarraville on 16th June at 11 am And 8th September at 11 am

Are you trying to conceive, looking to conceive in the near future or in the early weeks of pregnancy? Would you like to feel better, have more energy and worry less about growing a little human?

Join Renee as she delves into practical advice for having the best health during pregnancy. She will be covering:

  • How to correctly track your cycle for conception

  • What blood tests to have prior to conception

  • How to avoid nutrient deficiencies

  • Managing nausea and vomiting, muscle cramps, constipation, reflux and other symptoms associated with pregnancy

  • Easy, quick and healthy eating tips

  • Improving energy levels

  • Preparing for labour

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Avoiding post partum depletion workshop at growing bones in yarraville on July 21st at 11 am and 29th September 11 am

Have you had a baby in the last 18 months and are still feeling flat? Are you thinking of trying for a subsequent child but unsure if your body can handle it? Want to feel less stress, have more energy and be able to enjoy parenthood?

Join Renee for a morning about self-care, nourishment and restoration after pregnancy (and breastfeeding). Renee will cover:

  • Pathology investigations via blood tests

  • Diet and nutritional requirements post-partum

  • Restoring gut health and nutrient status

  • Easy, quick and healthy eating tips

  • Prioritising your health and self-care

  • How to support your nervous system with no sleep

  • Eating for more energy

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