Mobile Naturopathy


Hello there! Thanks for welcoming us into your home! We are Westside Wellness - Melbourne's premier mobile naturopathy clinic. That means we come to you. We hold your natural healthcare appointments in the comfort of your own home. We thought you might want to understand why we do this and what the benefits are to you as a client.

What is Mobile Naturopathy?

Westside Wellness is run by two registered naturopaths, Renee Irvine & Lucy McTiernan. We joined forces in 2017 because we both have a passion for supporting clients to make realistic and gradual changes to their diet and lifestyle, while using natural medicines to assist their body to restore homeostasis. 

We both live in Melbourne's inner west and love all that the west has to offer with its great food, supportive community and burgeoning trend towards healthy living. 

What Part of Melbourne Does Westside Wellness Service?

Because we are residents of Melbourne's inner west we supply naturopathy services to the surrounding localities of the west. The suburbs that the majority of our clients reside in are:

  • Footscray

  • West Footscray

  • South Kingsville

  • Maryibyrnong

  • Sunshine

  • Brooklyn

  • Braybrook

  • Yarraville

  • Kingsville

  • Seddon

  • Spotswood

  • Newport

  • Altona

  • Altona North

  • Williamstown

We do offer services outside of this area but please note that travel costs may apply depending on the distance travelled. We also offer Skype appointments if you are located outside of Melbourne. 


Why We Offer Mobile Appointments

We love home visits because they are the best way to get to know you. All the information we need about your health is at our fingertips. We can review previous blood test results, your supply of supplements or medications, open up your pantry doors and fridge to get a feel for your diet, and observe any home environment factors that might be contributing to your health condition.

Benefits to You

Our clients report many benefits from our home appointments, some of these are listed below:

  • Comfort: you don't need too drive or travel to a designated clinic space. You can relax at your kitchen table or on your couch in your trackies.

  • Timely: we offer home appointment outside of usual business hours as we understand you are busy with work/life demands.

  • Targeted: because you can quickly show us which foods you are cooking with or what supplements you are taking there's less guessing involved for us. This means we get a better picture of who you are and how we can improve your health.

  • Compliance: we have less appointment cancellations with home visits, meaning that you are more likely to see progress with your treatment plan as you can track your improvements from the comfort of your own home.

It's Not For Everyone

Occasionally we hear from new clients that, for whatever reason, they don't want to invite us into their home. We understand that mobile naturopathy appointments are not for everyone and that is why we have partnered with Growing Bones in Yarraville village to offer in-clinic appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays for those of you who would prefer to see us in a clinic space. 


A Final Word

We are two naturopaths but first and foremost we are parents and we understand that no-one lives in a picture-perfect lifestyle magazine shoot. Our homes are filled with mess and chaos and we expect to see the same at your house. 

Please do not feel any pressure to clean your home prior to your appointment.